RegSearch is a search tool for federal procurement regulations and associated documents. The software was unable to serve today’s acquisition professional due to conflicts with modern browser technology and outdated user experience. The product hadn’t been updated in over 15 years and didn’t accurately reflect current software engineering capabilities. 



RegSearch was given an updated look and feel, built from the ground up with modern technologies, and added numerous features acquisition professionals needed most. Some new features include more robust search tools, custom document sets, creating a favorites list, and many more. 

UX Process


1 – Planning

  • Identify areas that could slow users down and have abnormal processes
  • Test and record each current feature
  • Meet with stakeholders to identify current and future goals for the product
  • Build mock ups that reflect a modern user experience and create linear processes for completing research tasks


2 – Building & Feedback

  • Build Alpha version of product with modern web development technologies
  • User testing for feedback and understanding user needs for the product
  • Refine user experience to remove obstacles and add additional features based on use
  • Compare products that aim to accomplish similar tasks

Login page (before / after)

Browsing a document (before / after)

Searching a document (before / after)

3 – Results

After numerous rounds of refinement, RegSearch launched with a refreshed user experience that simplifies research tasks, adds additional features like printing/sharing, and better aligns with business goals while showing product/ux design capabilities.


4 – Additional Info

  • New branding was created for the product, replacing an 8-bit detective logo that was previously used (still accessible via an “easter egg” in the software)
  • Reading pane size was increased significantly, up from approximately 25% of the screen to 75%, allowing the user to find what they need quickly
  • The project was built in bootstrap with LESS
  • Regsearch previously only ran in IE7 “quirks mode” and now can fully run in all modern browsers and on mobile
  • Creation and sharing of custom documents has allowed teams to quickly tackle research projects projects