Rarely will you find a clock while on the mountain, maybe at the top and bottom, but what about when you’re on the move? Sport watches are too small to wear around a snow jacket and taking off your gloves and pulling up your sleeve creates a situation that makes it easy to drop and lose a glove or two. Create an adaptable waterproof watch to use over your jacket sleeve, integrate a RECCO reflector for safety, and give it durablity to survive a fall.



The SNOWATCH provides timing and safety features in a lightweight sleeve that fits over your snow jacket. Can be used as a regular watch while on the mountain, timing your runs down the slopes, or just as a safety beacon with the integrated Recco reflector.

• The flexible e-ink display is sewn into the fabric and then seam sealed to keep out moisture. For safety, a RECCO reflector has been added on the inside since not all jackets include the life-saving technology. (A)

• The large display is easy to read without removing your goggles and big buttons allow for use even with thick gloves. (B)

• Waterproof 150D nylon fabric is durable and remains flexible in the coldest of conditions. (C)