by Alex Rekas



Create an event scheduling feature in Google Calendar that felt more analogous from other services such as Google+, while giving new features that would enhance the scheduling for creators and attendees. Rethinking calendar scheduling within the Google ecosystem is going to bring about many design challenges due to the influx of new features and keeping it within Google’s Material Design guidelines.



Features and ideas were gathered from comparing similar products currently offered such as eVite, paperless post, facebook, current Google Calendar, and Google+.

After desired features had been identified, they were organized according to Material Design standards – which Google graciously provides as a free resource when building products for their ecosystem.

Google launches new scheduling tool for events

Some new updates to the Google Calendar app will help you create the perfect event for your group, whether it be with friends to go camping or presentating that big TPS Report.

We want our users to be given the ability to quickly create Google Calendar events right from Gmail, and with more robust event planning, event will have a greater level of ownership and details than ever available. The next feature we’ll be adding soon is the ability connect your colleagues together quicker in order to find that perfect time for your event or meeting by suggesting up a few dates (or just one) and some suggested times to get together. You can monitor responses for which dates and time works best for everyone on an event dashboard. This will help you spend less time inviting others to the event and more time for the event.

New features include:

  • Ability to add attachments
  • Request money from attendees
  • Assign tasks to attendees
  • View guest list & for guests to invite others
  • Poll for best times (coming soon)
  • Choose from event, reminder, and more

We don’t always have time for everything with our increasingly busy lives, we’re hoping to have better managed schedules to do more things we love with the people we love.

– Google Calendar Team



Received in Gmail

UX Research & Reasoning

1 – Current state of events in Google Calendar

Google Calendar in itself is a great tool that’s very useful, I just wish it looked and felt more like what it is. Currently, creating and receiving an event is still very rudimentary with almost a Craigslist feel due to the overload of plain text. Google’s choice to keep it text-heavy and withholding a Material Design refresh limits it’s usefulness by creating a cluttered mess of text that hurts the user experience.